As I read the AOL headlines, I realized how insipid I must be to actually read this stuff.  The hot topics of the day included, but not limited in insipidness, a family in Bangkok crying with looks of horror.  In reading the article and trying to match the picture with the article, it turns out that it is a very very slow news day and the article said the bombers in Bangkok escaped capture.  Never seen tears of horror like that when Richard Kimble escaped.
The word insipid came to mind.  I decided to look it up to make sure.  The definition does not my understanding of how I’ve heard it used.  Here are the definitions.
1. Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty: insipid soup.
2. Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull
The second definition matches my usage but have you ever heard someone say “This soup is insipid.” (I’m going to use that line)
Well the stories on the AOL news were INSIPID. All feeds try to capture an audience so they spread out articles of interest.  It turns out they train readers to think and be insipid.  (sorry but I’m running with that word today)
When I was in undergraduate school at the University of Miami, journalism students took a course in headline writing that went through the MIAMI HERALD.
The writers and editors sat at a table and said they needed something to grab the readers attention and they needed it to fill X number of spaces.  There was a firm understanding that the title would be directly related to the article and truthful.
It seems that the headlines here miss the relationship and truthful aspects of headline writing.  I saw a headline the other day claiming that Trump continued to slam Megyn Fox.  I read the article and he answered a question that didn’t even use or imply her name.  I was looking for something juicy to match the headline.  Just more tease.  The headline was the story in slamming Trump.
There was the usual stuff about the Kardashians and some guy named Duggers who cheated on his wife.  I could sleep on a picket fence during a war and I attribute this to having a pure heart.  I don’t have a clue who Duggers is and don’t read anything about the Kardashians.  Heck, if they are doing this kind of exposures on infidelity there is plenty of insipid articles ahead. But a reader can’t avoid the exposure.
Then there was a rapper who got arrested for riding a hoverboard after smoking marijuana.  This happened in the LAX. I think that is insipid without even describing the moronic reporting.
I feel like Andy Rooney, the late crusty curmudgeon on 60 MINUTES.  I don’t mind change, but don’t make the change insipid and match it with insipid reporting.
The truly revealing part of the insipidness is that the ads are more honesl and often funny while the news is a lie and, except for the reporting, not funny.  Some if the reporters deserve Oscars for the production of honesty and sincerity they portray.  I stare in awe at their ability to not laugh at the insipid things they are saying.
I watched a program with a male and female team.  They are both extremely liberal and make statements that have no other goal than to promote viewership through hate and guilt.  The truly sad part is there is a great story if they had an inkling  to tell the whole truth.  This particular program actually believes they are doing a service.  That makes them dangerous.  Luckily they are competing against the Duggers and the Kardashians where everyone is watching.  They have to use sound bites because no one can read that long.
Sorry, I have to go– a plane just crashed killing 7 cows in Insipid Indonesia.

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