“Mr Finch, do you wish to redirect Mr. Honesty?” ask Judge Lynch.

“Yes, Your Honor,” said Finch.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Honesty,” said Finch.  “Mr. Howe asked you a question that he tried to have stricken.”

“Objection Your Honor.  Mr. Finch is not allowed to impugn trial rules,” said Howe.

“I haven’t heard anything impugning yet and but I am interested if a question follows. Overruled, the question needs to come first,”  Lynch glared at Howe then looked at Finch with a look that meant he needs to ask a question.

“If  a person is not honest or  is dishonest once, does that person tend to be dishonest in the future?” asked Finch.

“As in most cases, that depends on the desired outcome or goal.  For example, if a person believes the only way they can hide their past is through covering up their responsibilities and past deeds and they use dishonest means to achieve that end, then yes you will see a pattern of dishonesty,” said Honesty.

“I am not sure I understand that fully.  Are you saying that dishonesty is a tool in human endeavors?”

“Yes.  In politics it is the wrench in the toolbox.  If you get away with small lies repeatedly you will use that method again and use bigger lies.  If the media and the public allow ,it the person will corrupt everything they touch.”

“Thank you.  I am finished with this witness, Your Honor,” said Finch.

“The brevity of the questions felt suspicious to Howe but he did not want the jury to think that Finch scored points.

“Any Recross, Mr. Howe?”

“Yes Your Honor.”  Howe continued, “Mr Honesty are you suggesting a person cannot change?”

Honesty paused as he weighed the question.  The pause took enough time that everyone stared in anticipation.

“Generally, people don’t change their core concepts.  Take for example a politician generally does not show change unless removed from office and then they talk of the change they have experienced.  Then they go into another field that indicates that no change took place.”

“That’s harsh.  How would you classify a field of work as indicating no change?”

“A former Congress member becomes a lobbyist is the most poignant example.  Everyone knows that that field is paid to reap profits for a constituency, yet it exists as an integral part of the U.S. process.”

Howe thought to himself how cross examinations are supposed to bring the witness down but these concepts seemed to score more points under cross examination.  Still he had to end with some sense of victory.

“You mean to say that if these jury members,” he pointed to the jury.”can’t change their core being?”

“Precisely,” said Honesty with a tone of definitive sincerity.

“No more questions, Your Honor,”  Howe almost scooted like a dog avoiding a broom as he sat down.

“You may call the next witness, Mr. Finch,” said the judge.

“We call Decency to the stand, Your Honor.”

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