A reader reacted to one of my dialogues.  The dialogue went as follows:

The young child, around age seven, threw the paper on the floor.  A woman sitting near by nicely asked the young boy to pick the paper up and place it in the nearby garbage can.  The child screamed.

At first I thought the child had stepped on something.  The child ran to the mother who had already begun to challenge the woman’s right to educate her son.  I watched in silent amazement as the dissolution of a culture put on a live performance.  The offending lady begged forgiveness but the mother and child would not let it go.  The eventually packed up their toys,placed them in a vote for Hillary  tote bag, and left muttering at the nerve of the woman.

The woman looked at me and said, “You did not seem phased by this transaction?”

“No, I come from a very liberal city where this is common.” ******

I left FaceBook, I write for myself, I even left the U.S.  I decided that the world was no longer a place where my input made a difference.  However I thought the woman’s interjection to the boy’s behavior appropriate.  The world is now in the hands of the young.  I can only hope that the mindset of these future leaders does not lean in that direction.

So I brought this incident up with people I knew.  Most people stated they would have followed the lead of the  correcting woman and encouraged the child to throw the paper away.  Some even stated the rewarding good behavior as a psychological principle.  I thought  that positive.

Then I saw these same people violate the psychological principle they just espoused.  They agreed that opening trade relations with Cuba, a failed policy, to be a positive event for the people of Cuba.  A friend of mine pointed out that the Cuban government has killed, tortured and abused their people for 50 years and he saw this  trade agreement as rewarding bad behavior(which I silently agreed).  Well you would have thought he told one of these people’s children to pick up their trash.

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