None spring to mind because it’s seldom a word or phrase that is funny.  It is the situation, tone and timing.

I have a friend who says WTF? The tone, timing and look on her face brings a laugh.

Okay if pressed.  I play cards with way left liberal Democrats.  Already the scene is set.  These guys have thick skins and can take it and give it.  It is always fun to have straight men actually believe their lines.  But one guy says, “Hillary says…”  and I start laughing.  I ‘m not sure if he does that on purpose or actually feels that way, but you know the remainder of his thought will challenge your sanity.

Then we repeat it back and with the appropriate tone we all start laughing.  I’m talking belly sore laughing.

There are certain people who say certain phrases that signal a funny to come or alert you to a form of illogic that would make the Pope laugh.  I sit in amazement at a friend who I know can’t believe what she just heard.  Because of her diplomacy she holds in the laugh, the facial grimace and the eye roll, not to mention the head slap.  That is funny.  Unfortunately the person talking thinks I am enjoying the conversation and adds more to my friend’s rising blood pressure.  That whole scene is funny.

My dad and my paramedic partner used to laugh when I entered the room.  When I said, “What?” they laughed more.  My humor is an acquired taste and believe me I know it.  I work at being funny and making people laugh.

You can get to the core of a problem when the person is laughing.  It is a great technique to open emotional doors.

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