I am retired without a car or license in a city that relies on buses.  Each bus trip is a chiropractic treatment.  The drivers are not trained, the buses are poorly maintained but for 12.5 cents I absorb it like an adventure.

Because I am tall the people look at me like they never saw a tall white guy.  I just pretend they think I am a movie star they recognize.

But I do remember the driving to and from work in Bica Raton, Florida.  The hours I listened to the radio seem a waste of time.  I remember once after adopting three kids driving and having a near seizure thinking I left the kids somewhere.  That theme still comes about.

Sometimes the bus does not stop because I think the drivers get paid by the route.  So the downshifting is annoying to them.  Sometimes the buses are full.  I am top heavy and would fall over on an empty bus but in these sardine like condition it is a massage.

All in all I like the bus.  Cheap, effective and adventurous.  When I get where I am headed I am surprised that I maneuvered my way there.

Life is different when retired.

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