I am assuming this means what will your life be like seven years from now.

I have trouble with seven minutes (will still be writing this)  seven hours (will be writing my nanowrimo book) seven days (basically the same) seven years.

I find myself living more in the present because I don’t have a clear view of the future.  I am a strong believer in the neuropsychology of the human brain to look ahead — the future, if you will.  I have a view of what I would like to accomplish but I am a male who feels a responsibility towards others.

By that I mean I have two older sisters who may need my help and assistance with advancing years.  I have three kids who will call for help should things go South.  I have a coyote dog who will be needing my care about that time.

But my goals are simple.  Although the question was your life in seven years, I know these must be goals because at my experience I know options.  If my health holds out I will write several books.  Actually already wrote them but will revise and market.  I believe my books will have a cult following.  I plan on leaving the rights to my daughter should I pass.  Let her and my grandchildren have something to say about me.  Apparently after you die people acknowledge your contributions.

I plan to find a relationship.  I have had two wonderful wives and would like a relationship that would rival my past.  Funny, but what I want has changed as have I.  I have to figure my way around the independent female who hates men.  I know she is out there.

I want to develop stronger bonds of friendships.  I am struggling with this issue as I have my entire life.  Being a fifth wheel does not help.  But I find that the open door policy does not exist when everyone is hanging on.  Soon there might not b any door.

I will write everyday for the next seven years.  I wish I could find that magic person who can bounce ideas that overwhelm me.  I have come to accept several things.  People talk a lot about what they know very little of.  People, in general, commit logical fallacies with blatant disregard to the real world.  Thirdly, people do not read good literature.

I know one person who reads and researches material.  His thinking, like mine, leans to the right.  I believe he sees things because he researches and gets to the root of the issues.  I want those kinds of friends.  I might add that he accepts your opinion even if different than his.

I have a friend who dislikes science and statistics.  But she always uses science ans statistics to validate her claims that  science and statistics are not good (logical fallacy).  She is the nicest person I know and gives me fodder for so many fictional characters.  The reason I mention this person is fo show that I listen, I see, I hear but I also use critical thinking.

With over thirty years of psychological testing, I have found questions that give me a good read on a personality.  I want you, the reader, to suspend your belief but not in reading the news.

So in seven years this is what my goals are minus the unforeseen.

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