As you get older things you thought as pet peeves can take on a different form.  Sometimes your age allows the pet peeve to go away (like walking behind old people) or you can have fun  with it (like when someone asks how you are doing and they don’t care and you say, “I’m very horny”)  The look on their faces is memorable.

There are some pet peeves that withstand time

  1.  People who block doorways.  Here in Cuenca they block sidewalks.  I was in a market today and a woman managed to block the entire aisle with her cart.  Even the guy stocking the shelves isn’t that good. She had it on an angle and I figured she had to move stuff off the shelf to get that perfect wedge.  When she saw me coming down the aisle she looked at her cart, then me, then did nothing.
  2. People who have a popular opinion and tell everybody about it.  These people tend to be know it alls.  I heard a woman telling a captive audience (trapped in a restaurant) how disgusting the people in the US are because they have no clue who they elect.  If she had stopped there, at stupid, she could have saved face.  But no, she then said,”I don’t think you should vote for or against someone because of skin color.”  Last call. “I’m voting for Hillary only because she’s a woman and we need a woman now.”  Ah you might think I found her the pet peeve.  Wrong, the trapped table of women all agreed.
  3. I have a pet peeve with people who spout illogic.  The person who sees that A. doesn’t work so therefore B (the opinion they hold) does by default.  Or the person who takes a well known scientific fact and uses it incorrectly.  Or the person who doesn’t like something but uses the something they don’t like to defend their belief. Or a conspiracy theory that sounds good but avoids Occam’s Razor (look it up, this ain’t high school)  Better yet the person who doesn’t know Occam’s Razor and doesn’t look it up.

I feel better now.  But I could continue with examples but I fear my blood pressure will get too low with all the cathartic release.  Like the time I lost 60, SIXTY, FaceBook friends with a funny post.


Some people unfriended me because “of your language.”  The rest were paranoid.

Go see if you unfriended me.  I’ll wait right here.  db.

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