Timing is everything.  At the beginning of these writing prompts I would have skipped this prompt.  I am still in my athletic University of Miami shorts.

I have a steep incline at the opening to my complex.  So I stay in my shorts until I try to ride my bike up the incline.  I am a meter short of the top and my legs hurt from trying, but I will get there.

Since I am in the NaNoWriMo write a book month I have cut back on my treks around town.  I literally roam the streets, meet people, try new things, make friends and generally enjoy retirement.  I adjusted my reduction in physical activity by cutting back on my meals.  Apparently the meals I left behind are high caloric.  Well does does this have to do with what I wear, you ask.

I went to a friend’s birthday party yesterday.  I put on nice white slacks, argyle socks, new sneakers and a long sleeved shirt with cuff links and a tie.  I even ironed the shirt.

The neck buttons would close only if I didn’t care to breathe.  My belt is notching in the correct direction but I have the beginning of Dunlap’s Disease (that’s where you belly dun lap over your belt).

The point being my clothes awareness has made me realize that I need to pay attention to my food intake.  So the prompt did work.  Chicken soup for the writer.  In fact, no more chicken soup.

I will eat only when I’m hungry.  I eat out only at events like a writing group or a reader’s group.

I have to go challenge the hill now.

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