I realize my words and phrases have changed as I aged.  I joineds a softball team in my 30s.  It was a really good team.  Went to the nationals.  There was a wide range of ages on the team.  The young guys talked about drugs, the next group talked about women, the next age group talked about business/money/stocks.  The oldest group talked about food. I will NEVER talk about food.  I think that discussion is a precursor to dementia.

Since I am single I talk to my dog — a lot.  But when I first came to Cuenca my friends pointed out that I said, “I’m so sore.”  Well, I was.  I stopped saying that but find myself saying “I was walking down the street.”  My friends say, “Like a pretty woman?”  I stopped that.

I repeat phrases because they tend to be funny.  A lot has to do with the timing , the surprise, the situation and the tone.  If I say “What the fuck?”  I say it to make you laugh by inflection.  When you tell me something that is meant to surprise me I like saying, “Get outta town!”  The various responses I get tell me how far I can press my humor.

My sisters say I can say things that are forbidden and politically incorrect because I built that into my personality.  The purpose of the interchange is  to  find what makes you laugh and focus on the conversation to bring those words about.

There are some people who have no sense of humor, who can’t banter and who converse on a different level.  I will move to that level and work at getting them to lighten up or laugh.  Quite often these people have political agendas.

I use to try political humor but it only worked if you made fun of the people they opposed.  Americans and British have a unique ability to laugh at themselves.  Ecuadorians laugh at you but not themselves.  That’s okay because I have had much practice with liberals.

A lot of humor is based on stereotypes and bigotry.  So being politically correct takes away that segment of humor.  There is a comedian Anthony Jezelnek, who is dark humor.  You go to turn it off but you turn it louder.  It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  In his comedy he has a backdrop of how foolish we are in our political correctness.  His humor works an edge that is very sharp and intelligent.  His ability to handle the audience is psychologically mystifying.

I met a fellow here in Cuenca who jokes like I do.  He can’t stop. But he is so genuine that you accept him as that way.  His talk gets my brain tired.  It was like looking in a 3D mirror.  So I had to learn when to back down, when to ease up.  I know that my sense of humor is stoing and overwhelming.  I wake up with that attitude but I am funnier when I am tired because I take on this dry sense of humor.

When you repeat a phrase and others notice it is the basis to understand them/  I think I’ll go annoy mu neighbors now.

















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