There lies a power structure in the world.  When the power structure rears its muscle — something has its attention.

The WASHINGTON POST and NEW YORK TIMES has, in my opinion, given information as news for so long that their agenda has been accepted as the news.  So when they scream that the ice caps are melting and the seals are dying, I don’t believe them.  It may be true but not because they say so.  They have repeatedly cried wolf!

When Donald Trump’s advisor gets arrested for assault, that is news.  But when Hillary does not get arrested for her alleged wrong doings, well that’s news too.  But that goes unreported.  If you compare the charges of the one vs. the other which would be most important in a campaign?   Hmmmm.

This is one of many examples of “the boy who cried wolf.”

When the biased press, when the biased Congress, when the supposed off center talk show hosts suddenly seem to band together — something is up.  I suspect that the status quo is in jeopardy.

Ted Cruz couldn’t win security guard in Congress, yet the Republicans are supporting a candidate they will not vote for.  Why?  Because a Trump win will rally the forces of change.  A Hillary win will further the agenda of the status quo.  The parties will be broken, destroyed, kaput.  All the financially lined pockets will have to start anew.

The media and Congress have but one job — keep the status quo.  The question remains have they (the media) convinced enough people to remain stupid or will the masses awake to the boy who cried wolf?










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