When someone tells me that there is proof that the earth is flat, another tells me that 9/11 was a government job, no one died in the Orlando shooting and Bruce Jenner is now a woman, I have a knee jerk reaction.  The problem is when the same person believes all of these things, I take pause. But even a blind squirrel will find a nut.

My dad, whom I admired dearly, always believed that the end of the world was just around the corner.  He based his beliefs on Bible passages.  Luckily I survived 15 end of the  world opportunities.  Sad part is, there are even more end world scenarios ahead.  Some even have pictures.

Several problems arise in even the most basic issue. Foremost is the news media has an agenda and they are dishonest to the core.  More times than not they simply don’t give ALL the information.  As an example the CDC received a commission to collect data on gun deaths.  A CNN reporter showed that over 33,000 people a year in the US are injured by guns.  She omitted to show that the CDC went further to show that 16 to 100 times more people survived because they used a gun (possibly to fill  the list of the 33,000).

This seemingly benign story not only revealed the actual findings but the commission for the study came from President Obama.  This segues into his “transparent government.”  With the number of “czars” used to skirt the constitution, the overt lies (I must emphasize OVERT) told by the government, I find myself talking with the conspiracy theorists.

There are two hurdles that I have to jump before I can begin to understand what is taking place before my very eyes.  First, that my government, the US government does not serve my or the people’s interest.  The repeated lies, cover ups and power plays by the current administration solved this one.  I now firmly believe the current administration to have an unAmerican agenda.

Madmen rise to power.  In hindsight we see they always possessed madness.  What interests me is those who saw the madness before the power grab.  Were these individuals as conspiratorial as the people I speak with currently?  Am I the only one who sees this through RATIONAL eyes?

If I could select a truly random sample of Americans and ask questions in a survey format,  I might be able to better understand.  For example, 1. Do you think most politicians are honest?  2.  Do you believe that most politicians lie?

You might be surprised at the results.  But let us take lies.  Let’s pretend that the vast majority of people do not like to be lied to.  Then you present not one lie but a series of lies that a politician tells.  My personal favorite is Elizabeth Warren stating she is 1/32nd Cherokee.  I have people make up explanations to address this lie. How many lies must one tell before you lose credibility?  Is 1/32nd simply a small lie?  Is one politician better because he or she lies less?

You lose your job for posting inappropriate pictures or texts but you are impeached for lying taking a bribe from the FBI and you get reelected to Congress.  I need to understand how anyone on either side of the aisle can allow this.

I’m not addressing your feelings or beliefs about Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or President Obama.  I want to address the corruption and lies that surround Hillary Clinton.  They are not conspiratorial.  They exist in fact, not opinion.

Many of the discussions that surround her exist only because of her deceit.  The number of young people deaths by suicide and unusual circumstances will never come to light.  Similarly the current lawsuit in California asking to overturn the California primary results that have finally concluded with Bernie Sanders having defeated Hillary point to a larger problem.  Your votes don’t count, the fix is in, absolute power corrupts absolutely and the list goes on.

The people who support Hillary are, in my opinion, pinheads.  Ironically the California primary results show that people voted for another candidate only it doesn’t matter.  Your votes don’t count.

Let me see if I have this right.  Bill Clinton, an impeached liar, gets on a parked plane with the Attorney General who used to work in the Clinton administration and the FBI tells the press “no photos.”  Shortly after  the FBI violated the press constitutional rights, the AG Lynch sends information to the FBI Director Comey who was appointed by Bill Clinton and Comey who currently heads the agency that violated the constitution gets on TV and downplays/fudges/excuses (not sure of the word here) the facts of the case.

These actions use to make the press salivate.  The plethora of stories.  Why did the FBI agents deny photos?  Do FBI agents have an allegience to the constitution or to the people who violate the constitution?  Does the government now exonerate General Petraeus and Martha Stewart?

It really doesn’t matter for two reasons.  One the press is the enemy of the people in this takeover.  Two, the facts are there, history repeats itself and no one, including me will do anything but talk about it.  I could try to convince people to vote rationally but they seem irrational.  I might suggest the FBI agents read and then follow the constitution.  I might suggest the media go broke and report the truth.  I might suggest that a few brave souls who are not afraid to end up like Vince Foster and the string of others who followed to reveal information.

I might suggest massive protests against the DNC for their promotion and complicity (you can go after the RNC later as this issue is paramount).  I might say “I told you so.”  And then I might do nothing.












































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