Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States.  I had no dog in the fight.  I watched, I listened and I am now reporting.  I watched 7 broadcasts and saw something I think as obvious.

First, the biggest winner is the United States.  No matter what President Trump does the string of corruption has ended.  The establishment has ended.

In my bouncing around through the various media coverages I saw what America voted against.  I saw how Trump found the soft underbelly of the establisahment – the media.

The media bias continued even after they (the media) lost.  They did not see that the vote was as much against them as against the establishment (as if you could separate the media/press from the establishment)  One outlet said the media was a loser.  I beg to differ.  They will all have their jobs tomorrow and with hate and vengance they will continue their false narrative instead of uncovering what the American public uncovered.

While the American public uncovered and saw the truth the media lied, gave selective OPINIONS and became part of the establishment.  But they now must change their approach.  No they didn’t see they were wrong.  They will regroup and snipe from here on.  They lost the election but they didn’t lose their jobs.

 I watched some right leaning news casts and they said “we” just as the left leaning news did.  Only the left leaners were more numerous.  If they replay their broadcasts the left leaners might see that they spouted hatred for what they never saw.  They did not see that America is a broader spectrum of people.  They spun it as dumb white males coming out to vote.  No one thing cost this election for Hillary unless you consider arrogance a voting category.

The Young Turks is a far left online progressive group.  They spouted hatred for any opinion other then their agenda.  They called those who did not agree with them  “fuckers”, “mother fuckers” and more.  President Trump never talked like that.  TYTs personified the shallow thoughts of the left.


In my sampling after the loss seemed evident one news pundit mentioned Wikileaks.  The immorality of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the acceptance of this behavior had met the silent moral majority.

The election was as much about morality as about the spin of the left whatever it changes to today after the election.  You have to watch the media daily to see how they change.  Tom Brokaw still doesn’t get it.  There is a limit to corruption.

The financial markets reacted to the new president.  The media leaned wrong on this projection also.  The wheels are coming undone  But eventually they will find a way to make money and bounce back.  The difference is they may have to be honest (sorry – less dishonest).

One left leaning analyst said he thought President Trump might be best served in his promise to create jobs for infrastructure.  He added that he does not understand why Obama did not do that.


Trump spoke the truth.  Not the politically correct truth, but the truth resonated throughout the moral conscience. He knows who Obama is and he knows what his goal was. Trump backed down from the depth of that truth.  He read Wikileaks, he outed the Bushes in the 911 incident, he backed off the overt facts of Obama’s citizenship.

The question now is after he appoints his new cabinet, will the US go after Obama, his corrupt cabinet and the Clintons. The Clintons will be in Qatar because there is no US interdiction there and they have a house close to Obama there.


Asking the left to behave as they have professed is like asking a leopard to changes its spots.  But allow the voices of the American people, the voices that crossed racial lines, the voices that crossed educational and gender lines, don’t spin the narrative but become part of the American narrative.

You might find that political activism and a free press are not compatible.  Honesty is refreshing.  Try it.



























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