Possibly dead.

You cannot believe anything the press says.  They are the only corrupt and dishonest group that, even outed, will keep on keeping on.

The liberals still don’t get it.  They started eating their own kind.  They cancelled university mid terms and set up “safe places” with “hot chocolate” to help spin their threatened return to reality.

The media has not adjusted.  Surprisingly, the liberals themselves don’t get it.  They want to blame “one” thing but it is a rotation of things that they called a platform.  The platform talked but the actions spoke louder.

But they decided to reorganize.  As one liberal honestly stated, “the bench is empty.”  Ah but he is wrong.  The liberals have some left over insipid crooks to advise them.


the Republicans have an all-star cast of proven doers.  They will put bills before Congress that will show how time was wasted while avoiding the Constitution.  (oh yeah the press made it seem like the back door had to be used because the Republicans did not want to move in a global manner– that’s why they were elected to stop the global push).

I don’t agree with some of the bills proposed.  Guess what! With a Congress, open discussion and TRANSPARENCY we can make changes that we see fit.


Trump vowed to appoint a commission to go after her if he was elected.  They (Hillary and Trump) made nice before the cameras.  Same with Obama.

Some say that the Republicans have too much work to do and will not waste time.  The pundits (who have been wrong on nearly everything) say that the Republicans need the Dems to pass legislation.

Dems have not been nice in 8 years but extending them an olive branch remains a viable option.  But fear is also a motivator.  Let America and the world see that corruption will be punished.  At the same time the Democrat party will be destroyed and a new party will be formed.

I never saw a difference in the elite in either party.  They padded their own pocket on each side.  The third party is Wall Street and you saw how quickly they switched from the Dems to the Reps.

I fear a third party is forming — the Progressive one issue politically correct party.  But they did not learn one thing from this election.  They will cannabalize themselves after a few sparks.


The press will seize the opportunity to fan the discord.  For 8 years the President of the United States with the help of the press, divided blacks from whites from Hispanics.  They separated men from women, educated from less educated, unions from management.  It worked until Hillary ruined everything.  Bernie would have won.  Honestly, Jeffrey Weiner had the edge on Donald.  You can’t bring THAT MUCH baggage.

The press will try to sell commercials by making the story and filling in the narrative.  Learn this one thing from the election — THE PRESS IS EVIL.


For the open minded and those who love America put aside your one agenda and meet the other side on common ground.

Look at every media piece with the understanding that there is an agenda, a backer, a commercial enterprise that is trying to profit and sway your thinking.  Then challenge that media with a written or vocal protest.  You can use other media to help as they will also eat their own kind for higher ratings and profit.

Obama promoted change.  He did nothing.  But his years of nothing, the corruption in his cabinet has done exactly as we all wanted – CHANGE- only 8 years later.  Seize the olive branch.













































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