Right from the start, “I don’t understand politics.” Being a white male (not even a privileged white male) I resented being called a racist, a misogynist and a homophobe.  I resented this because I am not any of those labels.  But if I dared to comment on any subject I quickly received that label. So when Trump won the election I understood what middle America voted for.


When you look at the map and see the entire red swatch with the blue on each coast and the “den of iniquity” (Chicago, Illinois) my formative years locale, you need only lay over a map of crime.  Those same blue spots weigh most heavy in crime.  How could that escape a regular journalist let alone an investigative journalist?


Ray Charles could see that the press was not reporting the news (and he’s dead).  The press was an active participant in the attempt to elect Hillary.  So let’s take the time, as pretend investigative journalists, and compare the candidates.

1T.  Trump’s university mismanaged funds from applicants.

1H.  Hillary’s Clinton Foundation took exorbitant amounts of money that give the appearance that while she was Secretary of State she might be influencing US policy as a form of remuneration.

2T. Trump said he forced his desires on  women without their permission.

2H. WikiLeaks revealed that Hillary may be involved in a global pedophile ring.

3T. Trump said he wants to build a fence to keep unwarranted people from endangering the American way of life.

3H.  Hillary said that she welcomes all the unwarranted immigrants into sanctuary cities.

4T.  Trump gets along with Putin and wants to normalize relations.

4H.  Hillary believes that Russia (Putin) hacked her email and wants to drive a wedge between the US and Russia.

5T. Trump says a lot of dumb things on Twitter but his server is open to all and he admits this.

5H.  Hillary wrote a lot of emails that WikiLeaks collected from a non secure email and she denied all the infractions of US security laws.

6T.  Trump has no connections to politics, in fact even his own party ran against him.

6H. Hillary has deep connections with the established party in fact the President endorses and uses Air Force 1 to campaign for her.

7T. Trump is nationalistic

7H. Hillary is a globalist.

8T.  Trump says he will represent all citizens equally

8H.  Hillary will represent all people except white males.

A rational person could only choose one of these candidates.  So why was the election so close.  Oh yeah.

9T.  Trump is male.

9H.  Hillary is female.

Remember we are investigative journalists.  Why did Hillary stand before Congress to defend her emails while Trump did not have to defend alleged ties to Russia?

Why does the Trump University scandal hold more press time than the Clinton Foundation?

Why is the media not addressing the WikiLeaks emails?

Why does the president of Haiti say they never received much money from the Clinton Foundation?

Tying these questions together is more than any investigative journalist could want.  But wait there is so much more.









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