Even a mushroom would know by now that corruption is wide spread in our established government.  It is sort of like finding you have termites.  You call the pest control/fumigators to save your house.

But wait!  No one is doing anything.  Heck, no one is even reporting it.  No one is even admitting it.

How is it I know that AG Loretta Lynch lied?  So maybe I’m wrong (I’m not and you know it).  But let’s pretend that her speaking with the husband of an FBI target on a plane took place.  Start there.  Let’s have the president step forward and demand her resignation, her transparent  duplicity.  After all she is part of his cabinet.

But how can the president do anything after the previous AG has still not complied with the release of records from the Fast and Furious debacle?  How can this president who denied knowledge, on television, of the Hillary emails when Hillary’s staff mentioned his communicating with Hillary through a WikiLeaks email revelation?

The Oversight committee has asked the right questions and revealed much information from those public servants who did not plead the fifth.  Why don’t they do something about this?  Where is Paul Ryan, as the Congressional leader on these matters?  Is he part of the cover up?

Might it be too much to ask a major news outlet to at least mention that a real news gathering organization had emails that suggest/validate/prove that our government is corrupt to the bone?  This does not even address the issue that government officials have STRONG ties to pedophilia and possible child sacrifices.  I remember when politicians kissed babies to gain votes.  Now I fear they eat them.

Where are Woodward and Bernstein?  Will someone please listen to the emails.

I can see some of the crazy conspiracy things on the internet.  It turns out that what is really taking place is worse than the conspiracy theorists.

When Marco Rubio said this election was a choice between agreeing with somebody who I don’t agree with on ANYTHING and the other with whom I don’t agree with on EVERYTHING, he didn’t foresee the depth of depravity in Hillary and the compliance from President Obama.  Or did he?  He hasn’t stepped forward yet.

We can all agree that we need accurate information.  We can also agree that our major news outlets have been compromised.  Why doesn’t Black Lives Matter address that the Haitians have not receive ONE DIME to fix there country’s infrastructure from the Clinton Foundation?  Why don’t the Libs, who claim to champion children, stop the enslavement of innocent children? Why doesn’t the Conservative Congress show some courage and push the moral agenda?

Maybe they are trying to save their House?

I will ask a question a day and hope that someone can further action, any type of meaningful action.  We can start with MORAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Both sides of the aisle claim this as their domain.  Possibly one of the people we elected might say something to the main stream media like “these WikeLeaks emails are disturbing.”  Then another might say “it sounds like the President lied.”  Then another might report that “Hillary and Bill, by their emails, knew what was going on at pedophile island.”  Then The Young Turks would have to find a way to spin such atrocities (at least it would be entertaining). Ratings would rise and the main stream media might learn that the Truth also has high ratings.  TYTs would have high ratings from the immorals.  Everybody wins.









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