No, not horror or slasher films.  I’m talking about something even worse.  Something so unbelievable, so outrageous that I can’t stop watching it on YouTube.

The House of Representatives Oversight Committee on Government Reform has been around since 1816.  Turn off your TV, turn off the music, put aside your DVDs and watch the best horror of your life.

If you think that President Obama is/was a good president or if you voted for Hillary Clinton you will not enjoy this program.  Although I would suggest that anyone who doubted there is a swamp that needs draining, turn this program on and pick out your favorite swamp character.

It seems the Committee can only make recommendations.  Basically it functions as a paper tiger. The level of mismanagement, the violation of rules, the corruption makes one want to shower after watching how a promised “transparent” government could betray its citizens so completely.

As the committee members dig into public officials and employees testimony, it is shocking the number of government officials who plead the fifth.  Some of the silent government appointees and hired staff fear that they will bear the brunt of the corruption they supported from below.  As with Hillary her lies came through crystal clear, same with AG Loretta Lynch.

The lower minions, who you quickly ascertain have no right to hold these positions, stammer and sputter as they let loose with lame excuses in a profoundly lame verbal expression.  I would like to hear one simply say, “I didn’t do what I was hired to do,” or “I am as unqualified as I seem.”  But if you look closer they might be doing exactly what they  were expected to do.

True, President Obama didn’t hire them.  But his administration did.  Maybe he was on one of his 30plus vacations?  Maybe his family was on a multi million dollar vacation?  Regardless, the lies and deception begin at the top.  Look at the cabinet.  Their faces might as well be on posters in the Post Office.

Got to go and watch another weiner roast.





















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