I just read that Saudi Arabia will reduce oil production for the first time in 8 years.  Let me see, isn’t Saudi Arabia a key financial contributor to Hillary?  Didn’t Saudi Arabia do that pay for play thing with the Clinton Foundation?  Doesn’t the ‘first time in 8 years’ ring a bell?  Doesn’t Obama always bow to the Saudi king?

Our new President has so much to overcome.   I watch the Oversight Committee and cannot believe the level of government incompetence that is in place.  I never considered myself a conspiracy theorist.  I have this internal childhood belief that our government leaders really care for us citizens.

I have firmly stated that I saw no difference between either party.  It appeared like a dance of deception but they both had similar agendas.  Term limits, reduction in benefits will help.

My conspiracy theorist avoidance changed when I saw the WTC building 7 come down long after the towers fell.

I really saw the dots connect when someone asked me to explain why Ambassador Stevens was in Bengazi while the other embassies closed, even the Red Cross left.  OMG!  It was rumored that Hillary authorized gun sales to ISIS.  Who would know that for sure.  Yes, Ambassador Stevens.

It was a hit – an assassination.  The follow up of  a false narrative, the emails destroyed.  It all makes sense.  Man/boy/woman/girl/LGBT (just trying to be politically correct) am I slow to catch on.









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